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Use Hot Keys to speed up your game and to free up time spent.


To Press
Cycle through last 5 sounds Middle mouse button or Home Key
Cycle through idle villagers Period Key
Cycle through idle military units Comma Key
Build a Villager H Key Then C Key
Town bell Hit B Key 2 Times
Back to work (after ringing Town Bell) W Key
Set gathering point I Key
Set way points Click Unit +  Hold Down Shift Key Then Right Clicks Then on last point just right click
Select all units of one type Double click a unit of that type
Garrison selected units ALT + right click building

Useful Keys

Cycle through Barracks, Markets, Archery Ranges, etc. CTRL+B,CTRL+M,CTRL+A,etc.
Assign group number to selected units CTRL + 1-9
Select group assigned to this number (1 - 9) 1 - 9
Display game time F11
Display online technology tree F2
Display score F4
Delete selected unit or building Delete Key
Pause game Pause Key
Display chat interface Enter Key
Select Town Center H Key
Capture screen shoots Print Screen Key
Build a house B then E Keys
Build a farm B then F Keys
Rebuild a farm Click on a villager then right click on a depleted farm
Build a tower B then T Key
Build a building B + Hot Key for the building
Build a military building V + Hot Key for the building