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Here is a list of AOE2 sites I have visited.
* = Sites under construction.

battlefield.gif (13531 bytes) Great looking site lots of graphics.                                                     *
atrium_but.jpg (7587 bytes) Very well done site.  Very cool main page.  If this site is anything like   its AOE1 site, it will have allot of good content and downloads.          *
heavenaok.gif (3435 bytes) Awesome site, full of content utilities and downloads.                          *
aoe2button.gif (9925 bytes) Good site.  Lots of content and latest news on what's happening.         *
agershq-button.gif (8554 bytes) Nice site. Good content.                                                                     *
aoe2net.gif (1944 bytes) Not much here yet.    Will have lots of info in the near future.              *